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A young artist returns to his roots in India in search of fading music and musicians.

Deep within forests and villages, he meets extraordinary tribes and gypsy singers living in poverty and hidden from the mainstream. His journey unfolds in six parts, painting a vivid portrait of an unseen India.

An enchanting voyage that questions the imbalance of our entertainment industries by debut directors, the Datta brothers.

6 Episodes


Soumik arrives in the city of joy Kolkata in search of his musical roots and puts together his team. They head into the villages in search of travelling minstrels known as Bauls. Their journey leads them deeper into impoverished rural hinterlands where an old man sings under his broken down house. These musicians are driven by deep faith and extraordinary spiritual resilience. Their daughters sing and children learn deep lessons in simple words.

In Ajmer, Soumik meets a Qawwali group who invite him to play inside the spectacular Ajmer Sharif Darga. He crashes a wedding, jams with tribal drummers, escapes from the police and discovers a group of women singers who have never left their village but who would like to travel and sing in the cities.


High in the eastern mountains in a remote corner of India, Soumik encounters the Naga tribes. They teach him about their mysterious customs, chicken dances and head-hunting traditions, part of a unique identity at the brink of extinction. The Nagas wish to preserve their regional identity and they also want to be part of the national map of India.

On Christmas eve, Soumik arrives in the ex-Portuguese colony of Goa. A global party hub and Orthodox coastal state in one, Goa is a state in flux. An ambitious, young Fado singer, and a wise, old violinist, bring to life the struggle that many Goans feel between a colonial past and modern future, a laid back lifestyle challenged by tourist and consumer culture.


In the tropical climes of verdant Karnataka, Soumik meets powerful dancers. They explain how India’s archaic caste system has hurt their lives as performers. Yet here, atop mountains and forests, music and dance are one in the same - an enduring and ancient way of life.


In the world’s oldest city of Varanasi, Soumik explores a neighbourhood that has produced five generations of Indian classical masters. He meets widowed women singers who have committed their lives to the Hindu God, Shiva, and a young drummer with the talent to make it big. Dedication to fading classical arts is formidable in this timeless city of religion, tradition and rising commercial interests.
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