Dark Rising is a 60-min action-drama episodic currently in development for 2019.

The narrative follows emerging international super-humans as they struggle to find their place in our present-day world – one that has grown increasingly reactionary in their wake.

The show’s protagonists are dark, rich characters with traumatic pasts, notably closer to villains than traditional heroes.

A diverse, original superhero TV set apart by its global scope, gritty realism and nuanced characters

Season one pits competing protagonists against an elusive and Machiavellian human foe as they are forced to rediscover and rebuild morality in a world where they could so easily rule supreme.

This anchors us to a core good-versus-evil conflict that thrives within the current superhero Zeitgeist.

But by pushing the genre into grittier territory, Dark Rising aims to be far more, exploring timely yet universal themes of collective identity and discrimination, political ambition and personal redemption.

More than VFX extravagance or overly-scientific world-building, it is the motivation behind individuals’ uses of powers and the relationships between characters that stands paramount.

Evolving the genre

Though aimed at the vast genre following, Dark Rising is not intended as another populist Marvel / DC iteration. Rather, a hyper-realist tone, a global scope and a cinematic vision will set the show apart, with the grand ambition of provoking debate on human virtue itself.

By evolving beyond the comic-style caricatures of The CW staples, and by always setting character conflicts within a backdrop of contemporary global issues, Dark Rising aims to become television’s first authentic superhero show.

Its world may be wild and cruel, but ultimately proves allegorical and hopeful, inviting a fresh exploration of what it means to wield power as a human being.

Comic Con London unveiling

On May 27 2018, Dark Rising was unveiled at MCM Comic Con at the London's ExCeL.

With an overwhelming response and raving crowds, the panel event marked the launch of the website and the first teaser trailer.

Fans can now sign up early to follow the series development and unlock exclusive content at: darkrising.tv
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